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You may think you know me. The truth is I wasn’t always a good person. Truth is I played in the dark. I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. Did a lot of things that many people should hate me for, things that you may hate me for. But one thing I know for sure is that sometimes in order to go forward, we have to go back. And so…this is my story.

When Emily’s parents died in a car crash the night of her birthday she thought nothing could hurt worse. She was wrong. Choice. That’s the difference. They didn’t choose to abandon her, but her friends, brother, and the one person she loved more than life all chose to turn their backs. So Emily made the decision to shut off from life. She chose to find comfort in anyone who’d have her, anything she could drink, any drug that would give her just a moment of oblivion.

But all that changes with two pink lines.

Seventeen and pregnant? Not how she planned on finishing out her senior year. Jason and Declan both coming home? Not the reunion she was prepared for. But life doesn’t wait for you, and so you’re only option is to go forward.

**Going Forward can be read before or after Going Nowhere.***

**Recommended for readers 18+


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Coming Home

There are many things that come to mind when I think of love, but if I had to pick one, I would say love is tested. It stretches, but never breaks. No matter how much you pull away. It can look so much like loss, but is really gain. When he left, I thought nothing in the world could offer relief...and we all know I tried. 

But now he's back and he wants what he left behind. He's determined to show me how much I mean to him and how much it hurt to leave. I guess I never considered that leaving someone behind could be as painful as being left, but there was a lot I didn't know at seventeen. 

Love is tested. 
I'm just not sure I want us to pass. 

**This is the final book in Emily's story and it is highly recommended you read Going Forward first. Recommended for readers 18+**

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beauty and the book boyfriend

When Bellamy Strong started writing, it wasn’t with the intention of becoming the next phenomenon. It was…to be blunt she had no friends. School is rough on the anti-social. It’s even harder publishing your books and the world decides it wants a piece of you.

Now her series is ending and her publisher is demanding she show up for her fans. End her reclusive persona. A three month, worldwide book tour dressed as Makyla, the lead character in her book. As for Maxsen, the love interest, her fans pick model Caleb Pace to play the role during a casting contest. No big deal right? 

What happens when your fantasy comes to life and turns out better than you imagined?

**Recommended for ages 18 and up**



Going Forward

Taylor McKay’s life is exploding and she’s the one that lit the match.

Losing her father a week before her thirtieth birthday shifted her world. Breaking up with her boyfriend, quitting her job and subletting her apartment to go work on a yacht for the summer struck the match. The yacht catching fire and sinking incinerated any semblance of a normal life. 

She was only existing when she promised her father she’d start living. Now Taylor has to use every ounce of will to survive. Being lost at sea with billionaire Easton VanHouten is definitely a surprise, but better stranded with him than going full-on Cast Away by herself. 

After all, it can't get any worse. Right?

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As best friends, Glory and Killian had loved each other in one way or another since they were kids. When they got older, that love began to evolve into something deeper.

But then a scandal overtook their town, changing their relationship status from best friends to enemies.

Killian is all sunshine and golden-boy vibes while Glory is quiet and focused on soccer, tortured by small-town gossip.

As the end of their senior year approaches, Glory plans to move across the country, leaving behind everyone who has hurt her, including Killian. When he decides enough is enough and tries to make amends, Glory chooses to take the leap, trusting him to catch her, transforming their relationship for a second time.

Until Killian and Glory are forced to confront what tore them apart in the first place.

Can they ever go back to the way they were, or can they maybe become something else, something more? 

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Hard feelings


I, Cassidy Ann Putnam, have a crush.
On Elias Amir Carmichael the Third.
The horror.

It started with a bet, and after almost four years of edging herself with hatred, Cassidy can’t help but feel attracted to Elias. And that is a problem. No one has ever matched her so well. No one has ever challenged her in a way that engages every part of herself. No one gets her blood as hot as he does when he volleys every insult she throws at him right back at her.
She hates him as much as she wants him.

Cassidy has sunk her claws into me so deeply that I don’t know how to get rid of her.
Or if I even want to.

As much as Elias can’t stand Cassidy, he respects her. She’s smart and driven, and she’s a formidable enemy as his main competition in Stanford’s engineering program. It’s too bad he’s wanted her longer than she’s hated him.

Their rivalry has always been a challenge they rise to. But within every insufferable exchange, riding close to that line of hate, is their attraction to one another, driving them both insane.
But what would happen if they gave in to the temptation? Would the unexpected, something neither ever considered, surprise them in the end?

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catching feelings

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